How do I render the raw html file generated from scattertext package

I am trying to make a python Dash APP which would allow user to upload two documents and then generate the beautiful scattertext visualization with scattertext package. If you do the work in pure python IDE, it will generate a html file and store in a local file then user can open it with either chrome or firefox web browser. See details on . The html file is powered by d3.js graphing objects.

In my case, I am comparing consumer reviews for two big documents with scattertext, see for details. I am struggling with the html objects generated from produce_scattertext_explorer in scattertext package. How can I actually render this object with Dash plotly? It seems it’s kind of impossible to render it as raw html file which I tried ended up with only showing the search box appearing. Can we do it with dcc.graph or anything that can help would be greatly appreciated!

Hi, Did you solve this problem? because I also have same question and not able do it

One possibility for rendering raw HTML is via the Purify component,

Thank you:)

I don’t really found my answer, I don’t see way to integrate scattertext viz into dash. anyone can help me with this please.