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How can you access all the markers current coordinates on the graph when the graph is updated?

Hi everyone,

So at work were developing developing a graph page using “react-plotly.js” and “plotly.js”.

So far so good, we have got around any limitations like creating custom popups when you hover over a marker, however, we’ve reached a point now where we would like to add custom custom icons below the graph the problem is the event doesn’t expose the necessary data.

The onHover event returns the raw x and y values which you can use to perform various calculations. I thought the onUpdate and onInitizlied would provide a similar response, just with all the markers and not just the one like it does with the onHover though that’s not the case you only ever get back the data you passed in to the graph.

Is there a way in Plotly to access the current marker position (x and y) for all the elements so we can then perform the necessary calculations to render the Icons ?