Show single markers in traces on hover

is it possible to show only a specific marker on a trace? I have disabled the annotations on hover. (hoverinfo: 'none')

If I hover about the plot, I want to show markers for the currently hovered x-value. I have created a jsFiddle-Example for that. With the plotly_hover-Event I get the Points related to the x-value. But how I can say plotly, that it should show a single marker for each y-point of this.
The same for plotly_unhover-Event: How can I hide the marker If I leave the associated x-value with my cursor.

Desired Behaviour in the example: If I hover with the cursor in the area of the x=2 value, I want that plotly shows a marker for the 50 and 4 of the both lines “data1” and “data”. In contrast on hover x=1 value, it should only show the marker for the “data1” trace on 40.

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I think setting layout.hovermode: 'closest' would give the desired result.

Thank you for your answer. I think the usage of layout.hovermode: 'closest' not solve my problem.
Here is a LineChart that does the desired result.
It shows a vertical line that hits all lines on hover over the plot AND show a bubble (marker) for the relevant measure points to the related x-value.

So my question is: Is there a way to show a marker/bubble in the same way with plotly?

A workaround is to set trace opacity to 0, change y-axis range, and optionally expand bar size (if you are using bar graph of course).

Is the desired hover-effect now possible in 2018? Seems that the thread got a bit forgotten.


Hi, is this possible in 2020? Does anyone have an idea how to solve it?