How can we replace the CDN js file with other online providers or localize it?

I live in China and the gov has blocked some foreign online CDN providers like So it takes forever and fails to load in the end. I am wondering if it is possible to replace with other providers or localize the js file.

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The only CDN that the Dash packages use is unpkg e.g. To serve this files locally, see the last section in

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oh, my bad. Do you mind telling me what is this js using for?

I get it from:

if 'DYNO' in os.environ:
    app.scripts.config.serve_locally = False
        'external_url': ''

@BingWong - That is a google analytics script that is used for our own analytics on our demo apps. You should not include this script in your app.

Everything that you need to be aware of should be in the official dash guidelines at

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