How can I make a figure/plot appear upon hovering over a textarea?

textarea’s documentation states that the keyword title is used for “Text to be displayed in a tooltip when hovering over the element.” So, I thought of attaching a figure instead to title like so:

    data = [
            'values': [[10,90],[5, 95],[15,85],[20,80]],
            'type': 'pie',

    fig = dcc.Graph(
                'data': data,
                'layout': {
                    'margin': {
                        'l': 30,
                        'r': 0,
                        'b': 30,
                        't': 0
                    'legend': {'x': 0, 'y': 1}

    dcc.Textarea(value='Some text', title=fig)

But this doesn’t display the pie diagram upon hovering over the textarea. It just displays [object Object] upon hovering over the textarea.

Is there any way to do this? I understand I can implement a button and use on-click to display the graph, but I want it to be simple interface for the app without clicks, if possible.