Hoverinfo/graph menu not available when styling dcc graphs object

In my dash app im generating 2 pie charts in 2 spereate div elements to style them and position them next to each other. The problem now is that im not having the hoverinfo while hovering over the pie chart. also im not getting the menu (shown in the image) to download the chart as a png, etc.

The code in my layout looks like this

app.layout = html.Div([

    html.H1(id="Titel", style={'textAlign':'center'}),
        html.Div([dcc.Graph(id="graph-asset", figure=fig)], style={"float":"left", "width":"50%", "height":"auto"}),
        html.Div([dcc.Graph(id="graph-rating", figure=fig2)], style={"float":"right", "width":"50%", "height":"auto"}),

Something similiar happens when im styling 2 Dropdowns so that they are side by side. I can position them in the way i want them but then im not able to klick/select something on the dropdown.

Somehow those objects lose their functionality when im styling them? Any Idea how to solve this?