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How can i aggregate data for better performance

i have tried out scattergl to get better performance but it is not working right.
My axes from chart are fix , i cant move them anymore. If i Zoom , the axis tickfont is not refreshed its stacking up till there are so many numbers you cant read it.

I use Plotly.addTraces to add Traces
and Plotly.relayout to restyle my layout

Now i thought about aggregation.
how can i aggregate data and plot more when zoomed?


Can you share a reproducible example of what you’re trying to do?

I can try to explain what my problem is.

check this tutorial with multiple axes. Change scatter to scattergl, Now u cant move the axis.

I thought i can have a better performance with scattergl. But its not working right, am i doing something wrong?

I thought that if i have 500.000 datapoints i can plot the average instead of plotting all. So how can i do this?
I wanted to plot more of the data when i zoom in.