Hover updates on subplots

Hi community,
I’m some lost in my mind.
The simple question is if the hover from one subplot can update a different suplot in the same figure?
In the callback, the figure would be input (hoverdata) as well as the output (figure - subplots).
Is this possible?

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Hello, just to be more specific:
the reason I try to do this is that getting back data from database takes more time than moving a mouse.
As the consequence, it seems unrealistic to use the hover input for selection within existing DF and not as the part of the SQL command.
I’ve similar scenario as this one: Update Graphs on Hover (https://dash.plot.ly/interactive-graphing). My exception is that I don’t have the global variable with DF. Therefore, I can’t call it. Instead, the df is created in one another callback.

  1. Callback: decision about the source, creation of the DF and the chart1.
  2. Callback: input hoverdata, selection of the subset of DF and creation of timeseries plot (chart2).

The question is if hoverdata can be an input in the first callback? If yes, the output can be timeseries, or the selected subset of DF.

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Hello guys, if anyone finds this threat, the solution is being discussed here:
I’m just adding reference.

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