Hover data: Show left most or right most data (not nearest)

Hello Plotly community,

I have a px.line plot that shows three step curves (line mode hv). The white curve has a 1 minute granularity and the blue and red areas have a 15 minute granularity. The white line is associated with the values of the red or blue curve at the beginning of the quarter hour. The user can visualize the data using mouseover. I currently use hovertemplate=None and hovermode=“x unified”. The problem is that plotly always shows the nearest data. So when the user has his mouse over the second half of the quarter hour, plotly shows the red/ blue curve values of the following quarter hour. Does anyone know how I could ensure that the values to the left are always shown? I looked through the docs (see link below) but havent found anything to solve this issue. Thanks in advance for any help!