Highcharts in Dash

Hello everyone,
I have started to use Dash lately for visualizing financial data. I am unable to generate nice charts in Plotly due to its limitations and have found Highcharts to be ideal for charting candlesticks and indicators.

Is there a way to use Highcharts in a Dash app?

dcc.Graph will not accept a Highchart object as it accepts only Plotly objects.

Could html.Figure be an option to pass Highchart object?

Thank you all



The plotly and dash have so many limitations… Really regret to use this… waste a lot of my time here

I think plotly has a lot of great functionality. But they really struggle with aesthetics: highcharts has very clean charts, and all the animations of hovering is very smooth, while plotly’s is clunky (in chloropleth maps for example). I hope aesthetics is focused on heavily in the future.

FYI you can use highcharts in dash thanks to dash’s module component system :tada: Examples here: GitHub - plotly/dash-alternative-viz: Dash components & demos to create Altair, Matplotlib, Highcharts , and Bokeh graphs within Dash apps.