Embedding Bokeh plot in Dash dashboard

I am trying to put a bokeh plot inside a dash dashboard – I found this repo

… but it’s very cryptic to me how it all works and there’s no “how to” explanation.

Also, the bokeh example is actually through holoviews, which I don’t need. I just want to embed basic bokeh plots.

Does anybody have a simpler example of how to do this?

I’ve had luck embedding things primarily through iframe. html.Embed didn’t work for me.

In the “readme” details of that repo, there’s a reference to the py file called “usage.py” that demonstrates how to integrate all those different data viz libraries into a Dash app. Here’s the exact link to that file: dash-alternative-viz/usage.py at master · plotly/dash-alternative-viz · GitHub

That file is just more source code. It doesn’t explain the module. Like there’s not a single docstring.

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