Hide ticklabels of individual subplots


I was wondering if one can hide y-axis ticklabels of individual subplots.
The following command removes all the ticklabels:

Is there perhaps a way to modify this command so that “showticklabels=False” only applies to some of the subplots?

Thanks a lot for your help,

In the second plot row, I only want primary y-axis ticklabels for the plot in column 1.
The secondary y-axis ticklabels should only show for the plot in column 5.

found it!
These commands seem to work and address individual subplots only:
fig.update_yaxes(showticklabels=False, row=2, col=2)
fig.update_yaxes(showticklabels=True, row=2, col=3)
fig.update_yaxes(showticklabels=False, row=2, col=4)
fig.update_yaxes(showticklabels=False, row=2, col=5) etc …

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