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Hide multiple selected values in Dropdown menu

I have a dropdown menu in my dashboard, with the option multi=True.
The values (in options) to choose are many and every time I select a value a graph is updated (adding the line corresponding to that value). The graph has the legend.
Obviously every time I select a value, it appears in the dropdown menu. I would like to hide the window that opens when I select the values (so as not to have a large window if I select many values) and maybe be able to open it by clicking on the dropdown. Then hide the window when I select the values and reopen it by clicking on it.
Is there a way to fix this ?

The dropdown code is:
options=[{‘label’:i, ‘value’:i} for i in dups_clientid.index],
placeholder=‘Please select…’,
style={‘width’: ‘100%’})

Thank you !


Thanks for bringing this up. Am encountering the same problem too. Hi @chriddyp
, any solutions for this?