Dash Dropdown Select Multi - Keep Options Open after selection


I am using Dash Dropdown multi, and I would like to keep the selection window open after the user selects an option, so that they can select more options.

My understanding is the dash dropdown is based off of react-select, and I think this feature is enabled by


However, I can not figure out how to enable that option using dash, or to recreate it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

You can see an example here, under the multi section, when you check “Stay open when an Option is selected”


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Our react select dash wrapper doesn’t expose this property to Python unfortunately, but it probably could!

To start, you could try forking our dash core components library and adding the change.

If you get the change to work, then you can submit a pull request and we would consider incorporating it into the library for every to use.

Thank you for the reply, will post back with how far I get. Appreciate it, thanks.

Is there any progress on this matter yet?

Any progress on this?

I found that setting closeOnSelect did the job (clone dash-core-components, edit src/fragments/Dropdown.react.js, and build repository - finally install the local dash-core-components library…):