Heroku App Created with Django-Plotly-Dash is not loading properly in mobile phones

Hello Everyone!

I had created a heroku app on django-plotly -dash.

Please visit this link for my heroku app mydashapp

It’s a sample app created for learning purpose It’s working really well. The problem is that the iframe which is including dash app in the django is not loading properly on mobile phones. One has to scroll the graphs and table to have a look at them. I had even tried using css on the iframe but it didn’t work well. Anyone can provide suggestions about it. I’m also attaching a picture of it’s mobile view, if anyone can help regarding it.

Django-plotly-dash provides a number of different tags, including ones not using an iframe and also one that keeps the iframe whilst allowing bootstrap to be used to form responsive layouts. You should be able to get to a desired layout using one of these.