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I am trying to create a Scatter Plot type graph focused on country FRANCE. I have latitude and longitude along with Province name with price and number of records. I am looking for a graph similar to the below.

Data is as follow

France,44.469596,4.801154,Rhône Valley,3,1318
France,44.493923,1.173853,Southwest France,4,1601
France,47.563005,-0.4289267,Loire Valley,8,1786

I have the below python code, but it doesn’t focus on just FRANCE, didn’t find any options to limit to FRANCE.

import numpy as np

df_frn1 = pd.DataFrame({'country' : np.array(['France', 'France', 'France', 'France', 'France', 'France', 'France', 'France', 'France', 'France' ]),
                                 'lat' : np.array([43.185395, 43.471986, 44.469596, 44.493923, 44.946792,46.224982,47.032347, 47.563005, 48.142572 ,48.815661]),
                                 'lon' : np.array([ 3.155021,  6.005143,  4.801154,  1.173853, -0.503963, 4.685808 ,4.817344 ,-0.4289267 ,7.306696,  4.169706]),
                                 'province' : np.array(['Languedoc-Roussillon','Provence','Rene Valley','Southwest France','Bordeaux','Beaujolais','Burgundy','Loire Valley','Alsace', 'Champagne']),
                                 'price' : np.array([1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,7]),
                                 'total' : np.array([1082,1021,1318,1601,6111,532,4308,1786,1680,1370 ])


import plotly.graph_objects as go
import pandas as pd

fig = go.Figure(data=go.Scattergeo(
    lon = dfrn1['lon'],
    lat = dfrn1['lat'],
    text = dfrn1['province'],
    mode = 'markers',
    marker_color = dfrn1['price'],

    title = 'Average price by Provience',
    geo_scope = 'europe'

Output of the above code is the following graph

Can you help me to create the graph similar to first one for above data set.

You will need to provide your own geojson file with the polygons needed. Here is the GitHub repo I use for France maps.
I also use Mapshaper in order to simplify the geometry (less points in polygons -> lighter geojson files -> faster loading of my maps in a Dash app).

Take a look at the documentation

Thanks Batalex, I’ll go through the link

I was able to do a little progress on it though yesterday night, now the only thing missing in the final graph is Data Labels (Province) and Legends (Price)

# Extract the data we're interested in
lat = df['lat'].values
lon = df['lon'].values
price  = df['price'].values
total = df['total'].values
province = df['province'].values

fig = plt.figure(figsize=(12, 12))

m = Basemap(projection='cass', resolution='h', 
            lat_0= 46.2276 , lon_0= 2.2137 ,
            width=1E6, height=1.2E6)


# 2. scatter city data, with color reflecting population
# and size reflecting area
m.scatter(lon, lat, latlon = True,
          c = total, s = price * 80 ,
          cmap = 'RdBu_r', alpha =0.8)

# 3. create colorbar and legend
#plt.colorbar(label=r'Avg Wine Price')
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