Help regarding usage of dcc Graph using extendData Prop

I have a Dcc Graph component for plotting the TimeSeries plots using extendData to update every second.

For some reason when there are a good number of points in the plot, I observed that my callback sends the same datapoints to dcc.Graph component. Maybe due to the network lag, I read the last plotted point in the trace as same in two consecutive callbacks and send the same new values. Now, extendData plots them twice causing the first and last points to connect in the graph which is not correct.

Is there a way such that I can extend data and in case repeated X-Value is sent, the figure ignores or updates the points instead of plotting them again ?

This causes graph to plot 50k points when there are only 10-12k points in reality.
So is there a way to avoid duplicate points in the plot using extendData ?