Help putting a geo image on a mapbox

I am trying to put an image on top of a mapbox but I am unable with image. It wors with wms but not with image. What I have to do to correct my probably error ?

This is my code

import plotly.graph_objects as go
fig = go.Figure(go.Scattermapbox(), layout=dict(width=600, height=450))
                {       "sourceattribution": "Tsunami HySea",
                "sourcetype": "image",
                "source": [""],
                #"source": ["P1_MAXHEIGHT_END.png"],
                "coordinates": [[113.242104, 19.954700],[140.242096,19.954700],[140.242096,-7.045300],[113.242104, -7.045300]]

            "below": 'traces',
            "sourcetype": "raster",
            "sourceattribution": "United States Geological Survey",
            "source": [

I have tried with the online image but also with a local image, it never shows the image. And the layer is not even listed in the layers list by clicking the i.