Help: Failed to execute query selector on element

hey guys, im trying t render a table on to a dash page,
the table renders perfectly but a few seconds later it crashes saying:
“Failed to execute ‘querySelector’ on ‘Element’: ‘td[data-dash-column=“AirSpeed 2900
Numerology=1,SCS=30Khz”][data-dash-row=“0”]:not(.phantom-cell)’ is not a valid selector”
anyone knows what this is and how come it successfully renders and only then disappears?


hey amitsh. you ever solve this issue??

I’m getting an almost identical error myself. Thanks in advance ^_^.


Hello @drgitt,

Welcome to the community!

It is really hard to say what is going on without a little bit more detail.

Could you please post an MRE?

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Btw, I found that the solution was to not have qoutes " within the header of the datatable.