Data Table will not display

Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has gotten this type of error before?

Failed to execute ‘addRule’ on ‘CSSStyleSheet’: Failed to parse the rule ‘#3HA9WeekData .dash-fixed-column tr { height: 30px; }’.

For some reason, I am able to display datatables for all my other data sets but it’s just this dataset for 3HA9 that will not display. The dataframe which contains the data is the same format as the other tables that do appear. I cannot think of anything else that could be wrong with it.

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Hm - what are the names of your columns? Are you able to share your code and/or data?

I had this issue and was solved with a shorter ID for the DataTable, I has been using a namespace with a GUID in error.

hope useful

Yes I think my problem was that my Id was starting with a number which is why 3HA9 was producing an error. when I put weekData3HA9 as the id it fixed the problem