Help: Cannot Plot Scatter MapBox with Feature Colors from DataFrame Column (px.scatter_mapbox)

How do you make Plotly Express plot points in the colors specified in a DataFrame column?

I have a DataFrame with columns: names, latitudes, longitudes, and colors as below:

df = pd.DataFrame({'name': pd.Series((1, 2, 3, 4), dtype='int32'),
                   'LAT': pd.Series((40.62718, 40.63718, 40.74718, 40.75718), dtype='float64'),
                   'LON': pd.Series((-73.29494, -73.30494, -73.31494, -73.32494), dtype='float64'),
                   'color': ('#222A2A', '#2E91E5', '#FC0080', '#750D86')})

I cannot get Plotly Express to plot points in the color that I have designated in my DataFrame. It plots whatever color it wants, even with color_discrete_map='identity' and color='colors', which is what the docs say to do.

color_discrete_map (dict with str keys and str values (default {})) – String values should define valid CSS-colors Used to override color_discrete_sequence to assign a specific colors to marks corresponding with specific values. Keys in color_discrete_map should be values in the column denoted by color. Alternatively, if the values of color are valid colors, the string β€˜identity’ may be passed to cause them to be used directly.
( β€” 5.18.0 documentation)

fig = px.scatter_mapbox(df, lat="LAT", lon="LON", hover_name='name',
                        hover_data=["name", "LAT", "LON", "color"], 
                        color_discrete_map='identity', color='color', center=dict(lat=40.95004, lon=-73.07169), 
                        zoom=7, height=300)

fig.update_layout(autosize=False, width=1500, height=500)

Please help.