Heatmapgl y axis gap

On my application I’m extending a heatmapgl plot every second by using data from a server. My y axis uses a time stamp provided by the server that is associated with each update. Sometimes I have gaps in time between updates from my server (one update may take two seconds instead of the normal 1 second). The plot then shows the gap between the y axis updates. Is it possible for the plot to not show the gaps or connect the gaps by using the last update data? Perhaps I’m doing something wrong.

This is a simple example of what I’m trying to do. Note that I didn’t not use a date object here but its still showing the same issue.

I don’t see this using the normal heatmap.

Thanks for the report.

No problem. Does this mean it’s a bug? If so do you know of any work around? We have gone back to the normal heatmap plot but we can only load so much data in the map at once. Plus on faster update rates it is a little slow. We would really like to use the heatmapgl instead.