Heatmap overlaid on top of different contour plot

I would like to be able to overlay a heatmap on top of a different contour plot. For example, using the example from your excellent page on heatmaps (link), it would be very cool to be able to take the image below as the base image…

… and put on top of it a heatmap like the one shown in Figure 5.4a.

Of course, in this particular case they are redundant, but they need not be so (perhaps they describe different features of the space being examined). Also, one would presumably use different colors/thicknesses for both the contour plot and the heatmap to have them play nicely within the image. Just wondering if you had any thoughts on being able to do this in some fashion…

Thanks again, and all the best!


You can superimpose the contour trace on top of the heatmap trace as in this example: http://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/EPNdMg

Or you can fill the contour levels with heatmap coloring as in: http://codepen.io/etpinard/pen/yeVRmy

I hope this helps.