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Heatmap data calculation

Hello! I’m newbie and try to make heatmap with different data aggregations.
I made the dash with sum quantity by weekday and hour
Now, I’m trying to do the same but to show the % ( share of category)
This is example of how I calculate z-values for the heatmap for sum q-ty
What I should change to calculate the share?

z = np.zeros((7, 24))
annotations =

for ind_y, day in enumerate(y_axis):
    filtered_day = filtered_df[filtered_df["weekday_add_name"] == day]
    for ind_x, x_val in enumerate(x_axis):
        sum_of_record = filtered_day[filtered_day["hour_add"] == x_val][
        z[ind_y][ind_x] = sum_of_record/ sum_of_record.sum(axis=0)

        annotation_dict = dict(
            text="<b>" + str(sum_of_record) ,