Grouping in Plotly Express Gantt Chart

Hi Folks, Created a Gantt chart using Plotly Express. The Gantt chart shows Tasks by Person (Y axis) over a time period (X axis). The number of tasks per person can vary greatly, and can overlap by time period. I need to set barmode=“group” so that the bars don’t overlap each other, which makes the chart unreadable.

The problem with barmode=“group” is that assigns the same amount of space for every person on the Y axis, so since one person may have 10 task, but another person only 1, there is a huge amount of whitespace on the chart for people that have fewer tasks (and makes the bars very skinny), which looks terrible (I can’t understand why this is the default behavior).

What I’d like it to do is vary the amount of height for each person, which would depend on the number of tasks each person has. So Alex who only has one task, takes up a much smaller height than Mark, who has 10 tasks. It would look something like this:

Alex: Task 1
Mark: Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Jill: Task 1
Task 2
Karen: Task 1

So Mark takes up more space above, since he has more tasks.

I thought the ‘labels’ property in should work, but I can’t get that to.

Any idea whether this is possible?