Green Dash Northeast

Hi all,

@ schavin, myself, and our colleagues at Synapse Energy Economics are very proud to unveil our new Green Dash Northeast Web App built on Dash, with ArcGIS, and hosted on AWS!

Green Dash Northeast is a free, interactive webtool developed for the Barr Foundation by Synapse Energy Economics that displays state-level data related to emissions and energy in the Northeast.
This tool may be useful for staff at environmental NGOs, state and local governments, and community-based organizations seeking to better understand the status of climate and energy initiatives throughout the region.

Green Dash Northeast aggregates publicly available data to present useful emissions and energy-related metrics.

We are very excited about this work, and want to thank the Dash community wholeheartedly for the support and education. I myself have been using Plotly and Dash since 2018, and am just blown away about how Dash has evolved over the years, and can’t wait to see how the community grows and fares.


Jon Tabernero