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Graphical Glitch when updating Graphs

Hi, this happens sometimes:

It gets corrected as soon as I re-size the window, or when I zoom in/out.
But happens again when doing same query.

Hi @maulberto3 would it be possible to share a minimal standalone app so that we can try to reproduce the problem? Thanks!

Hi @Emmanuelle

Just a regular app.callback function filtering a (not global) pandas df according to 3 dropdowns, and returning similar data to 2 graphs simultaneously, and using the same default layout for before and after (only change in data).

I’ve made more testing.

I think it’s more about the web page scroll widget appearing and disappearing between renders that may makes some areas to forget their place.

Also, I’ve noticed that transitions are not consistent, like making the same thing between renders. I’m using 1000 duration with exp-out. In these areas graph, some areas animate some other don’t (just regular appearing), maybe that’s got something to do too…

Lastly, the glitch doesn’t appear when making web page super small (zoom out, so that all graphs are within viewport) and then doing querys. Definitely has to do with that.

However, transitions are still goofy: some areas do not animate, some others do, some are transparent, then get color, some are outlined, some others dont, etc.