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Graph not showing in Dashboard

Hey guys,
I am having issue which the graph that is not showing in Dashboard.
There are two graphs in my dashboard, out of which first one (Map) takes input from user as dropdown and second one (bar graph) takes one more input from user as year in slider form but second graph is not showing up and there is no error in terminal.


app = dash.Dash(__name__)

app.layout = html.Div([
        html.Label(['Demo Dash !'] , style = {'text-align':'center' , 'font-size':'100%' , 'color':'black' , 'font-weight':'bold'}),
            id = 'demo-dropdown',
            options = [{'label':str(item) , 'value':str(item) } for item in sorted(df_copy['country_txt'].unique())],
            placeholder='Select a country...',
            style={"width": "50%"},
            value = "United States",
            optionHeight = 25,
            searchable= True,
            search_value= '',
            clearable =True
    html.Div([dcc.Graph(id = 'id-graph1', config = {'scrollZoom' : True} , style = {'width':'50%'}),  
             dcc.Graph(id = 'id-graph2' , style = {'width': '50%'})],
             #style = {'width':'50%', 'position':'absolute'}
    html.Div([ html.Pre('Filter by Year'),
                        id = 'the_year',
                        min= df_copy['year'].min(),
                        max= df_copy['year'].max(),
                        step= 1,
                        dots = True,
                        marks={item: str(item) for item in df_copy['year'].unique().tolist()[::3]},
                        value= df_copy['year'].min(),
                        #vertical = True
            ], style = {'width':'70%'})

     Output('id-graph1', 'figure'),
    [Input('demo-dropdown', 'value')])
def update_output(value):
    df_sub = df_copy.loc[df_copy['country_txt'] == value]
    #create graph
    location =[(go.Scattermapbox(lon = df_sub['longitude'], 
                                 lat = df_sub['latitude'] , 
                                 mode = 'markers',
                                 marker=dict(size=5 , allowoverlap = False , opacity = 0.5),
                                 hoverinfo= 'lat+lon+text' ,
                                 opacity= 0.4 ,
                                 hovertext= df_sub['casualities_median'],
                                 customdata = df_sub['region_txt'],
                                 )) ]

    # return graph
    return {'data': location , 
            'layout': go.Layout(uirevision = 'foo' ,
                                hovermode = 'closest' ,
                                hoverdistance = 2 ,
                                mapbox =dict(accesstoken = mapbox_access_token , 
                                             style = 'open-street-map',
                                             center = dict(lat = random.choice(df_sub['latitude'].tolist()) , lon = random.choice(df_sub['longitude'].tolist())),
                                             zoom = 3
def new_graph(year_value , drop_value):
    dff = df_copy.loc[df_copy['country_txt'] == drop_value].loc[df_copy['year'] == year_value]
    fig = px.bar(dff['weapon_type'].value_counts()[:10])
    return fig
if __name__ == '__main__':
    app.run_server(debug = False)

Screenshot of Dashboard:
Upper half of dashboard

lower half of Dashboard:

@chriddyp @irr3 @adamschroeder I think this community is inactive here. People are not getting responses here.

looks like that to me as well mostly. Plotly cannot give much support apart from buying into enterprise. So the open source version is community support.

Can you help me catch the issue from above code?

no sorry, still at beginner level here

Hi @matsujju
Right above/before you create the fig = px.bar(…) Try:


What do you get?
Is that Sonny that can go in a bar chart?

You also have an unwanted space between id and comma here:

dcc.Graph(id = 'id-graph2' , style = {'width': '50%'})

Nothing is printing which is odd as there is also no error and I have also fix that space in id. And if I use this code of bar graph normally it is working.
Screenshot of terminal:

And yes we can use value_counts in bar graph. Here: