Grant charts without dates

I am trying to create Gantt chart which will represent timeline in seconds from 0 time. Therefore my data will look like this:

df = [dict(Task=β€œFoo”, Start=β€˜1.02’, Finish=β€˜1.03’),
dict(Task=β€œBar”, Start=β€˜1.05’, Finish=β€˜1.07’),
dict(Task=β€œFooBar”, Start=β€˜1.25’, Finish=β€˜1.32’)]

fig = ff.create_gantt(df)

Can this be done without me transforming my time marks such as 1.02 to a fake date?

Also the actual array of dict will have different keys. Is there way to configure grantt chart to use my keys, so I don’t have to transform my keys to name grantt understands?



I found this solution on stackoverflow which would solve the key-issue by making an extra list:

data = []

for row in df.itertuples():
    data.append(dict(Task=str(row.X), Start=str(row.Y), Finish=str(row.Z), Resource=str(row.Z2)))

The link is generally useful for some styling of the Gantt-Chart

If the list is to slow and you want to keep the original, copying the Dataframe with new keys can be also a solution:

df_edit = df.rename(columns={"X": "Start", "Y": "Finish"})

Concerning the time, could a conversion of the column to timedelta help? (not an expert here either)