Get all schemas/attributes as JSON


i’m currently trying to write a C# wrapper for the Plotly JavaScript library (project will be published soon).
So I need C# classes that have the same structure as the JavaScript object.
The C# class or method then only calls its counterpart in the JavaScript library.

My goal is to generate this wrapper automatically. For this I need a readable structure that contains all attributes of all traces, configs, etc.
Unfortunately I am not a JavaScript professional. But I found the attributes.js files, which existed for each trace. Is there an easy way to get these attributes as JSON using a function?

I tried to read these attributes locally using node.js, but unfortunately I only get compiler errors like “ReferenceError: window is not defined”. I have never worked with node.js before, so I am a bit overwhelmed.

I would be glad about your support and hope to make Plotly.js possible in the .NET world!

Awesome idea! We do this for the Python and R libraries and others have done it for other languages like Scala.

The up to date reference for the schema is always available at and it’s generated when building the library. We do this for every release and keep this file up to date.

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Thanks a lot for the link, it was exactly what I was looking for!
More information about the project will follow as soon as it is running!

Have a good start into the week! :slight_smile:

Sounds good! This schema file is also what’s used to generate the docs at BTW, if you’re looking for a human-readable version :slight_smile:

I also use the schema and a Gradle build to generate a TypeScript definition that is much more expansive than the one currently hosted at DefinitelyTyped.

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