Generating unique plots for multiple users and a db query

Hi all,

I tried googling this one but didn’t have much success.

I would like to create an embedded iFrame that shows each logged in user information specific to their circumstances. There will be multiple users active at the same time, each needing a graph that shows only their information. User information is stored in a database that I will be querying.

Here’s a simplified example of the information that I might be plotting for 2 different users that are simultaneously active on the website:

user_1: {day_1: 1, day_2: 2, day_3: 3, day_4: 4}
user_2: {day_1: 3, day_2: 4, day_3: 7, day_4: 9, day_5: 9}

Is this possible with an iFrame, or at all with Dash? If not, does anyone know of a better tool for this use case?

Thanks for your time!