Gantt chart issue(legend and hover)

Now I understand how to change hoverinfo…

The solution provided by @empet was a little bit lack of explaination

hoverinfo=“text+x+y”)# or “text+x” or “text+y” or “text”, depending on what you want to display on hover

text and hoverinfo are both needed, where
text = your_text, your_text is what you want display on hover
hoverinfo = “text+x+y”, here text refere to the above key word, and x is the x axis, y is y axis

for example:
fig[‘data’][k].update(text=“Hellow world”, hoverinfo=“text+x”)
will give you hoverinfo

Jan 30 2018 1644
Hellow world

still cant get legends working

Hi all

have 2 issue with gantt chart

1st. is the legend of gantt chart not interactivble?

situation 1: all gantt example can’t toggle legend

situation 2: I tried my own offline gantt, can’t toggle

situation 3: tried other offline example, it can toggle

2nd. I tried to change the hover text of my gantt chart, but nothing seems work, tried this post still not working

thank you