Gallery of interactive chart thumbnails

I create offline charts to be used for local report generation. Currently the chart code is inserted directly into a HTML document, giving me a gallery of interactive charts in the same page, which works really well, although given the data, the file sizes are sometimes quite large.

I would like modify this setup, effectively to become more like a photo album, where a user can click on each (relatively) small thumbnail to bring you to the full-screen chart in its own window. The main difference here is that I want these gallery thumbnails to still be interactive charts in their own right.

A simple “show chart in fullscreen” menu button would be ideal, but lacking that, and without simply replicating the code in several separate files, the way I envisage this working will be to host the code for each chart in its own file, and embed the collection of those charts in iframes contained within the gallery file. However, I understand that embedding in this way is designed for charts hosted at

In short, is there a way to embed local charts in a local gallery?