Force hot-reload

Hi everyone,

Iam working on a multi-page dash application, where users should be able to add new pages during runtime.
My problem is that the new pages are not registered as, as far as I understand, both page and callback registration should be done before running the server.

Now Iam wondering if one can force hot_reloading?

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Hello @MichaSV,

I dont think you should really be using hot-reload for this. Others can correct me if I am wrong. But typically you wouldnt use this in a production state.

Is there a process flow in place:

  • Do the users create the new page inside of the app?
  • Are the users creating the layout in the backend and you want the app to account for newly added pages?

If the second option, you could restart the supervisor or whatever is running to add the new pages. Same for the first option, but not as smooth on the user-end.

Reason for avoiding hot-reload in production:
If a user somehow loads a bad page layout which breaks the whole application for everyone else.

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