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Hot Reload not working for me

@Philippe Hot reloading is not working for me. It works only once and then stops working.
I tried it with pycharm and sublime editors.
Params as below -
app.run_server(debug=True, threaded=True, dev_tools_hot_reload_interval=5000, dev_tools_hot_reload_max_retry=300)


I have the same problem… but sometimes it stops after one auto reload, sometimes after the fourth.

dash 1.9.1 py_0 conda-forge
dash-core-components 1.8.1 py_0 conda-forge
dash-html-components 1.0.2 py_0 conda-forge
dash-renderer 1.2.4 py_0 conda-forge
dash-table 4.6.1 py_0 conda-forge

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I have the same problem:
- dash==1.17.0
- dash-bootstrap-components==0.10.7
- dash-core-components==1.13.0
- dash-extensions==0.0.36
- dash-html-components==1.1.1
- dash-renderer==1.8.3
- dash-table==4.11.0

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