FigureWidget and Click Events Online examples are not working

Hi guys;

I’m trying to follow the FigureWidgets example notebook found on the Plotly website here: Interactive Data Analysis with FigureWidget ipywidgets in Python but the example doesn’t work.

If you run it, you get the controls displayed but not the figure.

Same with this example Click Events in Python. If you run it, and click on the dots, you don’t get the color change in the animation.

I’d really appreciate if someone could update these notebooks, I’m trying to learn the fundamentals of using FigureWidgets for a project that I’m doing, and DASH is overkill.


The cause of this issue is ipywidgets 8.x and JupyterLab-widgets 1.x

In order to resolve:

pip install ipywidgets==7.7.1 jupyterlab-widgets==1.1.1

According to this github: issues 3686. Hope that helps anyone else having trouble.

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Unfortunately, I have the same problem to get the click events example working and it could not be solved by downgrading the packages. Also, since plotly 5.12, it should not be necessary to downgrade these packages anymore as far as I understood the thread of the mentioned github issue.

I have installed the following versions:

Any help would be highly appreciated.