Is it somehow possible to change a figure’s like so (both not working)?:

fig['config'][...] = ...


What do you need to update in the chart?

I would like to change the editable and maybe the uirevision attribute in an existing figure without creating the figure anew

AFAIK editable is a configuration of the renderer, so you should be able to update it when calling{"editable": ...}) without transforming the figure itself.

uirevision is part of the layout (a go.Figure property), so fig.update_layout(uirevision=...) should do the trick.

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for you tip on uirevision. I was looking for exactly such an update function for editable as well. Unfortunately doesn’t help me, as I’m using dash to put fig into a dcc.Graph. In this isn’t what I’m looking for because it opens another window and doesn’t change the edit-ability of my figure inside my dcc.Graph.