Feature request: interactive faceted plots in R plotly

Please see my first post where I outlined what I’m trying to achieve with R markdown. I thought it was easier to write separate posts for each feature request…?

I would like to facet the bar plot shown below but this does not appear to be natively supported with in R Plotly. I have tried making the plot with ggplot2 and converting this in to a plotly object with ggplotly but it doesn’t have the interactive element… ie I would like to facet for each of the ticked names in the sidebar but only for these names.
Faceting with ggplotly does not remove the unused

I have tried writing a python chunk in my Rmd using reticulate pkg but this workaround doesn’t work either as it can’t pass a Crosstalk shared df to python. (Using a non shared df in this approach just yields something like the ggplot2 > ggplotly approach: a static plot faceted for all levels, without dropping unused

So the aim would be to have only the ticked levels faceted in the plot
Eg here I’d have 3 plots