Extend traces with markerColor

Plotly.extendTraces(‘graphDiv’,{x:[[xx],[xx]], y:[[rand()],[rand()]]}, [0,1]);

I can extend traces with above code , but how to extend traces with custom marker color ? also where is the documentation for extendTraces ?

like this:

  x: [[xx], [xx]], 
  y: [[rand()], [rand()]],
  'marker.color': [[rand()], [rand()]]
}, [0,1]);

Hi , I get following error Uncaught Error: cannot extend missing or non-array attribute: marker.color

That means marker.color isn’t set to an array before calling extendTraces.

Thanks alot works perfect , why plotly gets slow after i add around 50k data in scatter or bar charts

For large amounts of data ‘scattergl’ is the way to go.