Hovertemplate and predefined colorscale not working for extended traces

I am working on real-time data with multiple traces of bar chart.
data is huge for each trace.

I have custom hover template to show tooltip for each bar, which is working for historical data but not for extended data. same with the color scale. I have used extendTraces() for adding real-time data.

const update = {
y: [[y]],
x: [[new Date(value)]],
‘marker.color’: [[-y]],
‘marker.colorscale’: ‘Blues’,
‘customdata’: [[data.value]],
‘hovertemplate’: [[
‘Oil: %{customdata.oil:,}
’ +
‘Water: %{customdata.water:,}
’ +
‘Gas: %{customdata.gas:,}’ +

    Plotly.extendTraces('graph', update, [0]);

Please help to understand the issue.

Thank you in advanced.

@poojasathe I have the same exact problem. Did you end up figuring out a solution?

Found Solution here: Extend traces with markerColor - #4 by etienne
customdata was not defined in the trace, before extending it.