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Exporting a plot to .pdf .svg or .eps returns a payment requied 402 error

plotly_IMAGE(bubble.byteam, width = 1000, height = 400, format = “svg”, scale = 2,
out_file = “/temp/Graph4.svg”)

returns the following error

Error in process.image(append_class(resp, “image”)) :
Payment Required (HTTP 402).

I get the same error if I try .pdf or .eps format

Hi there,
As noted on our plans page: you must have a personal or professional subscription to export SVG, EPS, HTML & PDF formats. Can you confirm that you have a subscription?

Thanks for the swift response Chelsea, it appears i have a community account which does not support pdf export. I’ll need to upgrade to a student account in order to export plots as pdf.

It would be useful if this error was part of the knowledge base to save other folks in the future time asking the same question.