Export Python components to React components?

I know that you can use plugins to create python Classes from React.js components, but is there infrastructure set up for going the other way? Say, for instance, I want to prototype a UI in Python, could I export it (or some of it) to React components (not to HTML)?

There is not, but since the property interface is 1-1 (in terms of names and component structure), it’s relatively straight forward.

We’re working on a “React for Python Devs” guide here: https://github.com/plotly/dash-docs/pull/116 that should make it easier to get started with react

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Makes sense. Was just hoping I could develop components and a layout in python then ship it off as a js prototype to out web team. Might look into some tools like transcrypt, though I can’t say I expect much on that front :stuck_out_tongue: