Error when saving Chart Studio figure

Hi there,
I’m trying to save a horizontal bar chart when I receive the following error message. Any tips about how I can solve this? Without a fix, the graph will not save.

“Figure field is invalid. Reason: Raw data arrays are not allowed at this endpoint. Use grid references instead. Raw data found at the following paths in the figure [(‘data’, 0, ‘error_y’, ‘array’)]”

Hi Greg @GNK01 ,
Welcome to the community. I’m not sure about this one.

@empet would you know why this error might be caused. Greg shared this image and data with me.

0N 60N 50N StErr 0N StErr 60N StErr Indent
L1 1.08 3.07 1.76 0.07 0.15 0.15
L2 1.17 3.11 1.17 0.08 0.25 0.13
L3 1.21 3.33 0.96 0.08 0.29 0.06
L4 1.23 3.31 1.03 0.09 0.31 0.14
L5 1.26 3.71 0.99 0.11 0.38 0.12

@adamschroeder , @GNK01

I haven’t worked with data uploaded to chart studio. That’s why this kind of error is completely unknown for me.
Could you, please, give a link to data and plot, if any, on chart studio?

Hi empet
Here is the link.
Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi @GNK01,
I forked your plot. Within my account VT ON, VT 60N, Indent 50N | bar chart made by Empet | plotly
I did not update your plot, but I started a new one from your data.

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