Error: unexpected error while fetching topojson file at assets/topojson_local/world_110m.json

Hi there,

I’m trying to display a px.scatter_geo on the second page of a multiPage app. This app runs offline, without any access to the web.
The error message that I get is :

However, if I execute the same callback in a simple dash app, it works. I get a map, with the dots that I need.

The config file is set up properly;

isOffline = True
plotlyConfig = {'topojsonURL':'assets/topojson_local/'} if isOffline else {}
    style={"height": "100%"}

Any clue regarding what can cause this issue to happen ?

I changed the plotly Config line and put:

plotlyConfig = {'topojsonURL':'{}/assets/topojson_local/'.format(8055)} if isOffline else {}

Now, it works. I hope it will help others users in the future :slight_smile: