Error Serverside on

Hi @Emil, hope you are well.
I´m trying to update my app to the last version of dash and dash_extensions and I have an error when trying to deploy the app in
The app is working well in my computer but not in where the error code say that can’t find Serverside module from dash_extensions.enrich:
This is the message:
“ImportError: cannot import name ‘Serverside’ from ‘dash_extensions.enrich’ (/opt/render/project/src/.venv/lib/python3.7/site-packages/dash_extensions/”
I have this line in the requirements file:

I´ll apreciate your help

What version are you using?

In the requirement file I’m not specifying any version to let to take the last one.
I just write:

I supuse it takes the last one :thinking:

Please try specifying the latest version manually. Otherwise you might get a previous version, which would cause the error that you describe.

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Thanks Emil.
I tried specifying the last version but without success :woozy_face:
It specify all the versions availables but all are to old. (Latest 0.1.11)
The error message also said that it’s using pip version 20.1.1. instead of last version 23.1.2, althoughI have installed in my computer the last version (23.1.2), I do not understand where do I have to upgrade it :woozy_face:
Thanks again for your help.

Hi @Emil
I solved the problem with the dash-extensions version, apparently render uses python 3.7 instead of a newest version.

But now I have an other error that I understand it could be related to the use of DashProxy instead of Dash, because I didn’t have this error before changing that line.
The error said:
raise AppImportError(“Application object must be callable.”)
gunicorn.errors.AppImportError: Application object must be callable.