Embedding Google Docs in Dash Python?

TLDR: Is there any way to embed a Google Doc in a Dash app, to enable live, cross-session note-taking?

At a recent stakeholder review of my Dash app, the suggestion came up that we create the capability for taking notes within the app itself. An obvious and perhaps somewhat hacky solution is to have an editable field with a Save button—but this makes simultaneous collaboration impossible. To my mind, the ideal solution is simply to embed a Google Doc: you land on the page where note-taking would be useful, Dash populates a section of the screen with an embedded doc based off a preset or saved URL, and then all users on that page who see that doc can make edits.

I’ve looked briefly into Flask apps but we do not have any way, internally, of hosting these.

My sense is that this request goes beyond what Dash was designed for, but I’d be grateful for thoughts, suggestions, etc.


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I don’t use Google Docs myself and I don’t know how its authentication works, but my first instinct would be to embed it in a html.Iframe component. Here is the documentation about it:

Hope this helps!