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Embedding an base64 encoded image into Dash Data Table

Hi there,

I’m trying to develop a cheminformatics application which displays chemical structures as either png or svg images inside a dash data table. I have read the documentation, and I see that it is possible to do so if one sets the presentation option for a given column to ‘markdown’. If I dump my image files into an ‘assets’ directory and provide a URL to the appropriate images, display works well. However, I may potentially have a large number of compounds to display, so I would rather generate them dynamically and embed the base64 image into the cells.

I saw this post (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/60178052/embedding-an-base64-encoded-image-into-dash-data-table), and it seems that the author is running into the same issues I have.

Is there a way to get this working?



hi @jeprescottroy did you manage to get this working?

Unfortunately, I have not. :frowning: