Embed ?show_link=false removed

Hi there,

Has ?show_link behavior changed?

I have a web page which contains links to Plotly charts as embedded. I need to remove the edit links button. So I normally add ?show_link=false to the path and it works fine.

The behavior of the same code changed this morning. The same links now show the charts without ?show_link=false. So by default the visitor on my page will see the edit button. I know the function ?show_link=false still works because when I add it to the web bar it points to the correct graph.

My code (html, plotly in Python) hasn’t changed overnight, I just refreshed the data and the charts. The other thing that changed is traffic on my website which increased, but I can’t see that as relevant.

Has anybody noticed such change in behaviour?

Thanks everyone!


Same here but i found that the link reference for the embedding has changed from “plot.ly” to “plotly.com”.
So, if you change the embed with plotly.com and add the showlink=false, the edit chart button will disappear!

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Hi marcogiordani! You’re right, that works… Thanks a lot!!

Not sure Plotly gave us a heads-up on this one, or I missed it…

Thanks again