Embed Dash and request dynamic data

Hi (again),

I want to host my Dash app on a AWS instance, so this is only responsible to display a dashboard from the data I give him and embed it inside another page.

In a perfect world, I would need to do a POST request with a JSON body to http://my_url.com/dash and it would return me a custom dashboard from the data inside the body. I would then embed this dashboard inside an iframe for example.

But as I found out, this is not how Dash is designed to work since this is Dash that should retrieve data not the other way around. But I cannot retrieve data from a database so what are the other solutions do I have ?

As suggested on my previous post, I was thinking about embedding the dash inside a iframe and then updating a hidden div with the original JSON body and this div would trigger a callback. But Iā€™m unable to update dash from outside the iframe.

Thanks for your help,


Did you manage to find a work around for this?