Pass data on Flask server to Dash instance

Hi all!
I am running a Dash instance integrated into a Flask app- here is my ideal workflow:
1.Input parameters
2. Query data
3. Pass data to dash for interactive plot

However, I am struggling to achieve step 3. My dataframe is too big to store in session, and I want to avoid this anyway.
Perhaps I could store in a div on browser - can I dynamically add html within the iframe calling dash url, and refer to it in callbacks?

All ideas welcome,

You should keep ind mind that Dash callbacks are executed on the server, not on the client. Hence if you save the data in a div tag on the page, the data will be exchanged between client and server each time you do the plotting.

If the data is too big to store in session, you could use a server side cache (e.g. redis, or simply a file on disk) with an access key stored in session.